East European HSR - Phase 1

East European HSR - Phase 1

SYSTRA was appointed project manager and commissioned to provide assistance to the contracting authority for the first phase of the East European HSR designed to connect Paris to Strasbourg in 2h20.

This line was chosen in 2007 to set the world speed record on rail at 574.8 km/h.

The first phase of the project covered:

  • The creation of three new stations - Champagne-Ardenne, Meuse and Lorraine
  • The construction of 338 structures including 14 viaducts and 5 cut-and-cover tunnels
  • Earthworks, for the construction of 300 km of HSR track base (50 million m3 of spoil and 35 million m3 of backfilling)
  • Delivery of 1,288 km of rails, 3.1 million tons of ballast and 1 million sleepers
  • Track laying switches and crossings, and overhead contact system
  • Construction of five sub-stations to supply power to the overhead contact system
  • Creation of a remote controlled command post and central command post for sub-stations

SYSTRA was responsible for:

  • Technical project management (operational consistency and leadership) for the entire line
  • Project management for civil engineering and railway equipment
  • Assistance to the contracting authority on real estate issues
  • The design/build of the overhead contact system
  • Temporary operation of the line during the construction work
  • Providing escorts for works trains and managing operations at the works depot
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