Train Control and Systems Safety

Train Control and Systems Safety

SYSTRA is a leader in the rail transportation industry in the application of systems practices, including signals and train control, communications and safety critical systems. SYSTRA has developed and refined a comprehensive, documented and repeatable systems engineering methodology compliant with the latest U.S. and international standards and best practices. The aim is to make transportation infrastructure reliable, stronger with a longer life span to meet customer goals of improved reliability, safety and security.

Train Control
SYSTRA is an expert in all aspects of train control and signal system engineering, with extensive experience with state-of-the-art train control systems, procedures and equipment in use today and extensive knowledge of those planned for the future. SYSTRA understands that the most important responsibility in developing any system is to fully and completely understand customer needs and ensure system requirements meet those needs. Our process requires close coordination with our clients to define and refine the required functionality and system boundaries early in the acquisition cycle. SYSTRA’s capabilities have been successfully applied to both front end and construction phases of systems acquisition. Following initial definition, our team breaks down those needs into a set of functions and system requirements. Using an analysis of clients’ existing technology, staffing, budget, operations, environmental factors and other areas of impact, our team documents options and supports the client in their subsequent significant decisions.

Our systems integration and interface management activities ensure that all systems work interdependently and meet relevant standards, constraints and design criteria. Using our systems integration management methodology, we track and mitigate issues that affect seamless operation across different elements starting with preliminary engineering and ending at the testing and commissioning stage.

SYSTRA has a depth of experience in several CBTC systems currently being deployed on the national railway system. SYSTRA’s expert staff has extensive experience with Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) deployment in various operating environments, supplying mission-critical technical consulting services to CBTC installations in the US and internationally. In addition to addressing the full range of technical and engineering issues, SYSTRA has supported the development of operating assessments, rules and procedures to identify residual risks from relying on operating practices.

Safety and Security Assurance
To develop complex systems, SYSTRA melds diverse technical disciplines. Our engineers apply their knowledge and direct experience with the latest industry system assurance specifications and technologies. SYSTRA team members have been part of the development of pertinent industry standards, and are experts in implementing CENELEC EN 5012x, FRA’s 49CFR236 Subpart H and Subpart I guidelines, as well as FTA’s Safety and Security Management Guidance. Our experience includes assessment of levels of safety, availability and reliability achieved in safety critical systems. This includes highly technical capabilities such as formal methods analysis, fault injection, hazard analysis, RAMS and risk assessment. We have worked with advanced train control systems from all of the leading signaling suppliers including Siemens, Mitsubishi, Ansaldo, Alstom, Bombardier and General Electric.

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