Rail Operations

Rail Operations

SYSTRA is a leader in the application of rail operations simulation modeling and analysis for planning and engineering challenges.

Our operations staff perform a wide range of studies to determine capital infrastructure improvements based on ridership data, train and rail line capacity information, demographic and travel time improvement metrics, passenger flow, and the electrical network (aka power demand) using the company’s proprietary RAILSIM® Simulation Software Suite. Operations analysis capabilities at SYSTRA run the gamut from conceptual sketch planning of physical improvements to comprehensive Major Investment Studies and Alternatives Analysis to detailed engineering. Unique in the field of operations analysis, SYSTRA’s analytical tools have the capability of seamlessly moving from planning to final design and biddable documents using the same software packages.

SYSTRA’s operations staff have extensive experience with detailed engineering design and construction staging efforts. Our powerful software interactively facilitates the design and optimization processes for wayside signaling and provides direct interface to the AutoCAD and Microstation CAD systems used by the SYSTRA signaling and train control group. SYSTRA’s professionals have performed rail simulation and operations analyses for many of the major transit, commuter rail and freight operators in North America.

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