Electrical and Traction Power

Electrical and Traction Power

SYSTRA’s Electrical and Traction Power Group features engineers and designers with diverse engineering backgrounds, which is essential to the successful analysis, design and construction of the many power distribution systems throughout the rail and transit industry.

The electric power system is a critical element of every transportation system. A well-designed power system enhances transportation system reliability, passenger comfort and system safety and can help reduce annual system operating costs.

Traction Power Engineering
An established leader in traction power engineering, SYSTRA provides traction power substation engineering services involving AC and DC switchgear, dry, cast and liquid-filled power transformers, rectification, frequency converters, SCADA, system protection as well as related ancillary systems for traction power supply. SYSTRA has extensive grounding and stray current control design capabilities including detailed corrosion control analysis, design and troubleshooting

Facility Power Engineering
Working with various transit agencies, SYSTRA has provided facility power engineering services, including utility service and power distribution systems, emergency standby power generation systems, UPS systems, lighting and lighting controls, utility coordination, grounding/lightning protection and system studies.

Overhead Catenary Systems (OCS)
SYSTRA understands that the catenary system is the most conspicuous element in a light rail/trolley system design thus we provide designs that are modern, maintainable and obscure, including low-profile OCS design that minimizes the quantity and visual impact of OCS equipment. SYSTRA has extensive OCS experience working with AMTRAK and other railroads in the US.

Power System Planning and Analysis
SYSTRA uses advanced computer modeling techniques to perform power system analyses for AC and DC systems and uses field-testing and measuring to verify the models and support the results. Our engineers and designers have performed analytical studies of all varieties of traction power and facility power systems to optimize power system designs and troubleshooting.

SYSTRA owns several power systems software programs to model almost any type of electrical and traction power system. They include:

    SYSTRA is the developer of the RAILSIM software, the most widely used operations, traction power and signal system simulation software in North America. Using this software, SYSTRA models AC and DC traction power systems as well as spacing and sizing traction power substations, train performance and vehicle simulation, train voltages modeling, rail potential modeling, feeder sizing, circuit breaker sizing, rectifier transformer sizing, wayside energy storage simulations and equipment outages simulation.
  • SKM and ETAP Software
    SYSTRA uses SKM and ETAP software to develop protective relaying, load flow, arc flash, and motor starting.
  • EMTP-RV Software
    For traction power systems that cannot be modeled easily using commercially available software, SYSTRA uses EMTP to perform in-depth modeling to understand a power system beyond what is provided by a packaged software program. Using EMTP, SYSTRA can model nearly all electrical circuits under steady state or transient conditions.
  • CYME CYMCAP Software
    CYMCAP software is used to calculate ampacity and temperature rise for power cable installations. SYSTRA uses this tool to size and design complex medium voltage and traction power duct bank installation.
  • PSS/E Software
    Used to model complex system such as the Amtrak 25 Hz which includes: rotary motor-generator sets, dc-link converters, cycloconverters and 138 kV step-down transformers and 138 kV transmission system.

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