Alternate Project Delivery (Design-Build)

Alternate Project Delivery (Design-Build)

Design-Build is becoming a mainstream delivery for projects of all types and sizes. SYSTRA is the Signature Team and the favorite engineering partner of many Design-Build Contractors.

SYSTRA offers unique design and engineering support services to Contractors for Design-Build and other Alternative Delivery Techniques on complex projects to mitigate risk, lower cost, increase quality and deliver early. We bring support to establish the winning bid, provide solutions optimization at the tender stage and deliver high-quality, detailed designs and mass production at the execution stage.

Our commitment to you:

Quality: Do it right the first time, conduct independent quality reviews.
Safety: Make it a priority, train staff, emphasize corporate commitment.
Schedule Compliance: Understand urgency of design-build schedule.
Project Cost: Develop contract compliant and cost effective solutions.
Teamwork: Share responsibility, lead effectively, trust in project execution.
Access to Executives: Clients communicate directly with decision makers.

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