Specialty Services

Specialty Services

People Movers
SYSTRA assists and advises public authorities with their urban people mover projects, from choosing the right solutions through to their full-scale commissioning and launch. We work on light urban transit systems around the world that all serve a common goal: to reduce congestion in cities with monorails, and driverless and people-mover transit systems.

Since people mover systems take up limited ground space and have a narrow curve radius, light transit systems can easily integrate in very densely populated urban areas. They are also a method of transportation with genuine benefits for the environment: energy efficiency with lower use of fossil fuels.

Cable Cars - LINKING Urban Centers
Long associated with mountain regions, the cable car not only offers new possibilities in day-to-day travel for work, school and shopping, cable cars also meet the sustainable mobility challenges that today’s urban environments face.
SYSTRA’s positioning in the planning and design of cable car projects and their integration in public transport networks gives us a decisive edge when it comes to advising and assisting clients.

SYSTRA offers a comprehensive range of services for the planning, engineering, implementation and operation for freight railroads. SYSTRA performs preliminary and final design services for track and drainage repairs. This work is in response to problems associated with railroad deterioration and settling, including ballast drainage issues, inefficient loading and unloading operations for both rail cars and trucks. SYSTRA can leverage our experience to identify economies of scale and provide accurate and detailed designs that conform to the client’s aggressive timeline and limited funding.

SYSTRA performs on-site surveys for freight handling facilities and is familiar with the various rail equipment and rubber-tired vehicles that use freight terminals including tenant loading/unloading equipment requirements.

Bridge Design
SYSTRA has extensive experience in all facets of bridge design, construction, and maintenance. We have been the Engineer-of-Record for both traditional design/bid/build and for design/build projects. SYSTRA’s niche bridge types include steel-concrete composite and all concrete cable-stayed structures, extradosed structures, and segmental concrete bridges. We are a world leader in metro and high-speed rail elevated guideway design. Our colleagues also bring references in suspension bridges, arches, and truss bridges and references for 280 miles (450 km) of elevated guideway built using SYSTRA’s patented U-Shaped viaduct.

SYSTRA emphasizes the importance of producing bridges tailor-designed for their site that are constructible and economical without sacrificing elegance. We aim to develop cost-saving concepts with well-conceived construction methods, selecting suitable materials based on cost-effectiveness.

Photo Credit: VINCI Photo Library

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