High-Speed Rail

High-Speed Rail

SYSTRA has been a pioneer in high-speed rail for more than four decades.

We have brought high speed rail to China, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Morocco, Sweden and the United Kingdom. We have worked on every high-speed line in France and are involved in more than half the world’s high-speed lines in operation. High-speed rail brings people closer, slashing travel time between cities and unlocking a host of economic benefits.

As the United States continues to build high-speed rail systems linking growing cities, notably in the western United States, SYSTRA has the expertise to help communities to reduce travel time, get cars off the road and reduce highway congestion by building high-speed rail systems. In the United States, SYSTRA was responsible for structural engineering design and is providing construction support services on the California High-Speed Rail Authority Guideway Embankment Design for the Initial Operating Section of this high-speed rail project.

SYSTRA also played a significant part in defining Europe’s standards governing high speed rail. Our expertise in the operation of high-speed lines means we are able to factor in maintenance and operation constraints as part of the design phase. We are the precursors behind new concepts such as short-span bridges which are adapted to high speed trains that can travel at a speed of up to 240 miles hour. We are committed to developing the future of high-speed rail to make it more affordable and faster to build, with more robust infrastructures that are easier to maintain.

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