NYCT | Consultant Construction Management Services for Installation of ADA Elevators at Greenpoint Avenue Station

NYCT | Consultant Construction Management Services for Installation of ADA Elevators at Greenpoint Avenue Station

SYSTRA is leading the team managing the pre-construction, construction, and closeout phases of the ADA Upgrade at Greenpoint Avenue Station.

The SYSTRA Team is responsible for construction management and contract administration services, as well as construction inspection, contractor quality control, non-conformance, Requests for Information, and CPM scheduling.

Greenpoint Avenue Station is the sole provider of subway services to the Greenpoint, Brooklyn, neighborhood. Like much of NYCT’s subway system, the station was constructed long before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed, so it currently does not provide adequate accommodations to persons with disabilities. This station is part of a NYCT mandate to upgrade 100 key stations to become fully ADA accessible.

The team is overseeing the installation of three new elevators to provide ADA accessibility as well as ADA-compliant metal treads and handrails for all stairways, new ADA access/boarding areas, and new detection rails and running boards along the length of both platforms. New ADA signage, curbs, and sidewalks will also be installed.

Construction is taking place near rail, street, and pedestrian traffic, so close coordination with agency stakeholders and the community is required. Safety is integral to this project. Construction engineering and inspection services include:

  • Construction inspection and oversight to ensure procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications.
  • Contractor’s activities, inspection and documentation.
  • Inspector’s daily report preparation.
  • Examination of quality of installations for conformity to standards and specifications.
  • Drawings and specifications reviews.
  • Records maintenance.
  • Project meetings participation.
  • Contractor’s schedule monitoring.
  • Change order review and completion assistance.
  • Monitor and documentation of materials delivered and incorporated into the work.
  • Punchlist preparation and completion monitoring.
  • Smooth and timely project closeout assistance.
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