NYCT | Construction Management and Inspection Services for the Culver Line CBTC System Overlay

NYCT | Construction Management and Inspection Services for the Culver Line CBTC System Overlay

SYSTRA is leading the team overseeing the installation, testing, and commissioning of the Culver Line CBTC system, auxiliary wayside system (AWS), and solid state interlocking (SSI) system, as well as supporting infrastructure work that includes civil, track, communications systems and power.

Through this contract, NYCT is providing a complete CBTC, AWS, and SSI signal system from south of Church Avenue Station to south of West 8th Street Station. Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) system modifications are also being provided.

The main characteristics of this work include:

  • Compliance with I2S.
  • Provision, configuration, qualification, installation and testing of zone controllers in train control rooms.
  • Installation and testing of radio DCS and transponder equipment.
  • Provision, configuration, qualification, installation, and testing of the wayside DCS network.
  • Overall testing.
  • Safety certification.
  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) assessment.
  • Operator and maintainer training.
  • Construction of two new signal relay rooms.
  • Construction of a central instrument room.
  • Furnish and installation of communication/fiber optic cables.
  • AWS, SSI, signals, automatic stops, switch operating layouts, program logic controllers (PLC), cases, wires and cable, cable routing systems, and electrical work.
  • Modification of PLCs, control panels, maintainer and indication panels and interface of AWS with zone controller and ATS equipment via DCS network.
  • Survey of track elements and preparation of system database.

Correspondingly, SYSTRA is supporting the design and providing construction management support for the CBTC system for NYCT’s Queens Boulevard Line. Therefore, we are aware of all aspects of CBTC deployment on NYCT’s network and grasp this project’s challenges.

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