NYCT | CBTC Modernization Program on the Queens Boulevard Line and Canarsie Line

NYCT | CBTC Modernization Program on the Queens Boulevard Line and Canarsie Line

SYSTRA is supporting the project design and ongoing revisions to the specifications and providing construction management support for the installation, testing, and commissioning of the CBTC system for NYCT’s Queens Boulevard Line, and for the qualification of an additional vendor for future CBTC projects.

We are also responsible for work related to developing functional and system requirements, modifying specifications, performing comprehensive analyses, reviewing technology demonstration tests, and performing other deliverables, including approving plans and drawings, estimating, resolving technical issues, and monitoring schedule compliance.

The Canarsie Line was the pilot project and first location at NYCT to be equipped with CBTC technology. SYSTRA provided test engineering inspection and interoperability tests for carborne equipment provided by Siemens and Alcatel. SYSTRA also developed a complete customized training program for NYCT Train Operators and Conductors and Console Operators for the CBTC systems provided under the Canarsie CBTC Program.

The signal systems were designed and procured to use this NYCT standard CBTC system technology developed under the Canarsie CBTC project. Currently, NYCT is developing and validating interoperability interface specifications (12S) for this technology. A state-of-the-art signal system is being designed for the Queens Boulevard Line based on interoperable CBTC technology being finalized on the Culver Test Track project.

This new CBTC signal system will work in coordination with an AWS system. These systems will be integrated to permit CBTC equipped and unequipped trains to operate on the Queens Boulevard Line.

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